Occupational Health
A business imperative

Complying with occupational health laws is a business imperative. We work closely with our clients to ensure their compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Mine Health and Safety Act, and all other applicable legislation. Through our tangible medical, technical, and legal expertise, we’re able to improve your company’s working environment, while at the
same time promoting the health and welfare of your employees.
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Health & Compliance in 5 easy steps

OccuFit aligns all services with the applicable legislation, to ensure a seamlessly integrated solution.
If you think about it, workplace accidents, injuries, and
medical health costs end up costing productivity, efficiency, time, legal proceedings, insurance premium hikes, skills, and much more. Therefore health and safety management is essential for all businesses no matter how big or in which sector they operate.

By keeping employees safe and healthy, businesses comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, reduce their workers’ medical expenses, reduce return-to-work payouts, and decrease the costs for job accommodations for those employees who are injured and with medical illnesses. They also improve the efficiency and productivity of the entire business, which in turn leads to business success.
Occu|Fit is one of the country’s leading wellness service providers and currently deploys a range of innovative occupational health and wellness services to clients in the corporate, parastatal, and government sectors. These services are offered through a variety of roll-out methodologies including onsite locations, mobile facilities, and consultancy.

OccuFit aligns all services with the applicable legislation, to ensure a seamlessly integrated solution. Our systems and protocols are well-established within many organisations. They are managed by teams of well-trained personnel that are highly effective in ensuring that occupational health services are implemented in an efficient, responsible, cost effective, and professional manner.

Customer Testimonials

“For busy professionals, HealthOnsite takes all the effort and stress off your shoulders.”
SAMANTHA FULLER - Uber Communications Sub Saharan Africa
"Responsiveness and exceptional focus on delivering prompt services and products to meet client expectations."
General Manager: HC Business Partner
"My case was handled in a very professional, sensitive and compassionate manner and that helped to ease one’s stress level."
EMPLOYEE - Telkom 
Khula Services

Meet the Team

Dr Jedd Myers

Co-Founder and CEO
A qualified medical doctor, entrepreneur, executive and investor. After graduating from Wits Medical School, Jedd made the move into the commercial world of healthcare with a passion to deliver large scaled health care initiatives that would have an impact on hundreds of thousands of lives. His healthcare background, formal training, commercial insights and exposure to multiple healthcare systems are key in the realization of this strategy.

Dr Denis Cronson

Co-Founder and Director

Carina Bloem

Chief Operating Officer

Thandi Bukali

Executive -
Specialised Clinical Services


Account Management

Roy ELliott

Group Head of Technology & Data

Jonathan naidoo

National Operations Manager

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