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Occupational health - 
a business imperative

Complying with occupational health laws is a business imperative. We work closely with our clients to ensure their compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Mine Health and Safety Act, and all other applicable legislation. Through our tangible medical, technical, and legal expertise, we’re able to improve your company’s working environment, while at the
same time promoting the health and welfare of your employees.

If you think about it, workplace accidents, injuries, and
medical health costs end up costing productivity, efficiency, time, legal proceedings, insurance premium hikes, skills, and much more. Therefore health and safety management is essential for all businesses no matter how big or in which sector they operate.

Why Choose OccuFit?

OccuFit is able to offer a range of services, keeping with the applicable legislation, in order to produce fully integrated solutions, which are already in place within various organisations.
Legal compliance with
complex legislation.
Tailored and customised
service offerings.
Consistently excellent primary
and occupational healthcare
services countrywide.
Expertise in the specialised fields of HIV & AIDS, wellness, health education, and occupational health.
All services delivered according
to the highest ethical and
professional standards.
Cutting-edge electronic data
management platform.
Cost-effective service delivery.
Real time analytical reporting.

Why is OccuFit uniquely different
to other occupational health programmes?

Our services are integrated, customised, and aligned with your company’s broader wellness strategy.
We help our clients integrate occupational health services into the broader wellness of the organisation.

Customer Testimonials

“For busy professionals, HealthOnsite takes all the effort and stress off your shoulders.”
SAMANTHA FULLER - Uber Communications Sub Saharan Africa
"Responsiveness and exceptional focus on delivering prompt services and products to meet client expectations."
General Manager: HC Business Partner
"My case was handled in a very professional, sensitive and compassionate manner and that helped to ease one’s stress level."
EMPLOYEE - Telkom 
Khula Services

COVID-19 compliant workplace readiness & 
workplace reintegration solutions

Our innovative COVID-19 Workplace Readiness and Return-to-Work Solutions ensure your
business, not only continues operating, but thrives in the face of COVID-19.

Select individual services from our suite of offerings or let us help you customise a solution
to ensure your organisation is covered.

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Introducing Our Team

The OccuFit team are well-trained personnel that are highly effective in ensuring that occupational health services are implemented in an efficient, responsible, cost effective, and professional manner.
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